St.John is and has always been a Christian Institution. Our pupils come from all religious background but in the school we only preach and teach the Word of God from the Bible. We have two members in our Pastoral team and additional two members who are part of our church team.

Mr. Toshi Imchen

Pastor of St. John

Pastor Toshi has been working in St.John for 33 years. In 1989, our Director and Proprietor requested him to join us at St.John. Prior to joining us, he worked on outreach ministry with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Chennai for 6 years. During his past ministry he did many outreach program and also participated in leadership training in Pacific and Asia university in Hong Kong.



St.John has a Pastor and Praise and Worship leader residing in campus. Additionally we also have a Choir Leader who trains our Choir. Our Pastor overseas all Church services. We have Devotional services on Sunday morning and we also have Saturday and Sunday evening services for all our boarders. We also have few Church events throughout the year such as Baptism, Bible quiz, Revival and Hymnal competition. On many occasion we welcome visiting preachers and pastors from all over Nagaland and India.

The young kids have Sunday School on Sunday morning led by different teams but overseen by the Pastor. We focus on an interactive teaching environment for the young kids with many worship songs and Bible stories.

Additionally, every weekday we have morning and evening prayer in individual dorms led by wardens and sometimes students. Our pastoral team go to each dorms through the year taking turns.


When a student needs personal counselling whether due to mental or physical stress we call one of our counsellors to talk, pray and discuss with them. St.John supports more than 10 Christian missionaries/ counsellors and Church leaders that come to support us when we need them.


Our pastoral team organises prayer groups every alternative months. Giving plenty of opportunity to learn how to prayer as well as share prayer needs with a christian community. We encourage our pupils to share their prayer needs and to grow spiritually together.


St. John church organises about six Bible studies annually. During these times we have intensive courses of selected study material. On such occasions we invite select Christian preachers to come and lead the Bible Studies alongside our Pastor.


We have three days revival twice a year in St.John led by our Pastoral team. During Revival we have select guest speakers and guest worship teams to join us in worship to God.


Our Choir Leader alongside our pastoral team organises and selects pupils to be part of the St.John Choir. Our choir is a select few of those that are both talented and have a strong christian testimony. The St.John Choir has performed over the years both in the campus and outside. They have gone for outreach to many churches all over Nagaland and aim to go to many more.