Student Services


We have a well stocked library with many novels, academic books, magazines and newspapers.

We have three computer rooms: Primary, High School and Higher Secondary. We teach both practical and theory. In Primary and High School, we are following some equivalent curriculum as a national board. In Higher Secondary computer curriculum is based on requirements by the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE).

We also have some Tata Classedge rooms with innovative classroom environment to engage our students in interactive learning. These type of teaching encourages creativity and interpersonal skills.

We have about 15:1 student teacher ration in Primary, 20:1 student teacher ratio in High School and roughly 40:1 student teacher ratio in Higher Secondary allowing us to interact with students as per their needs. Our class size allows the teachers to deal with individual student’s issues quickly and are able to tailor their teachings accordingly.


We provide tuition service outside of class hours all days except Sunday. This is not compulsory. Instead we emphasis that tuition is not necessary if students pay attention in class. However, if the parents insist and if the student decide to enrol in tuition, the teachers do not charge beyond the price as stated by the Management.

Support for Learning:

Pupils in need of extra support for learning are identified by many internal reasoning. We observe them though their test results, their interaction in class and their behaviour. The concerned teacher and the academic leaders are called for meeting to discuss what action to take for a student that needs support. Sometimes it just need small changes like advising them and  helping them motivate and sometimes it requires extra notes and re teaching them in a method that they understand. When such actions fail the management will interfere and decide on a further course of action to benefit the student that needs extra support.

Student Feedback:

Every month we take anonymous feedback from students on both the school and residential aspect. The students are given a short form to fill and they submit it to the management. Only the management reads it and decides on the course of action once they verify the truth behind it.

Career Counselling:

Our Secondary students get the opportunity to meet one on one with an administrator to discuss their career choices. They, then are further directed towards their choices. We also have occasional visiting alumni’s who discuss about career to the students. 

Visiting Professionals:

For the past 10 years we have had regular visits from visiting UK personnel taking various short courses and giving short talks on different topics. We intend to invite more professional personnel over the years from india and abroad.

Some of our visiting personnels were:


What they do

How they were involved

Mrs Lindsay Graham

Scotland, UK

Trains teachers working with students with learning disabilities

English Conversation class (Students) for 6 months & also conducted teacher training

Mr Peter J Banks

Scotland, UK

Energy and Environment Engineer (Current)

Science Teacher (ex profession)

Qualified Football Referee

Taught science for 2 months &

refereed Football matches

Dr Alexander Enoch

Scotland, UK

CEO at Robotical

One of the brains behind Marty, the robot.

Fun with Robots short session

Miss Jané Mackenzie

London, UK


Some art work for school items.

Held interpersonal talks with the students

Mr Ruaridh Macleod

Scotland, UK

Football  & athletic Coach (ex profession)

Footballer (ex profession)

World Traveller (Current)

Refereed during Sports Event

Coached some students on football