Our History

St. John is a result of an ambitious founder. Mr. Moameren Ao, who vowed to bring up the best school in Nagaland and North East India. Along with his wife, Temsurenla Ao they were able to set up in 1988. First as a small High school with only a few number of students and staffs. Their aim through this school is to impart sound foundation in Christianity, positive mental health development, moral and social values to make the students God fearing and fruitful citizens of our society.

 Our Motto

"Learn The Truth"

The school has always had record number of excellent state level and national level results. The St.Johnites have successfully integrated into society with outstanding qualifications and professional achievements. They have also shown great interest in Faith and have been taught over the years by strong Christian preachers.

In the last few years, the founders also decided prayerfully to open a college to continue the strong academic achievements along side christian teachings to bring youths further with the word of God. Now like the school, St. John College is also a successful establishment with excellent results.

The school quickly grew to accommodate many more students and staffs and also became an excellent higher secondary residential school.