About St John


The school is a Christian Educational Institution providing academic studies from kindergarten to class 12. It is managed by Mr. Moameren Ao and his wife Lt. Mrs. Temsurenla Ao.

                   The school focuses on excellence in results both state level and nationally (JEE) while moulding our youths to walk a righteous life in the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Over the past 29 years our graduating students have successfully achieved high levels of academic and professional qualification all over India and abroad.


St.John provides a sound education for both boys and girls, so that the youths would grow up as men and women of honour capable of competing with honesty, uprightness, and at the same time always striving to uphold the motto of the school “Learn the Truth”.

St. John is working to promote respect for the process of learning and reverence for the staffs who help in this process in a genuine spirit. We strictly stick to our motto “Learn the Truth”.

The problem of modern life have convinced many of us that the best and most lasting gift which they can give to the children is a good and moral education. Thus the school strives to provide that.

The school aims to impart education to children developing their total personality on progressive lines with a comprehensive mental outlook and self-confidence based on sound character and good conduct to face the world.

For this reason the staff is carefully chosen, both for their academic qualifications and their ability to guide the students through childhood and adolescence.