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We have 18 hostels with 18 wardens. All of our hostels are designed to be a home away from home. The hostels have locker rooms and attached bathroom. We have very hygienic dormitories that we strive to keep to the utmost level of cleanliness. We provide sweepers and cleaners everyday. We also have an open hostel day where students from different hostels go to other hostels and grade their tidiness and cleanliness.


We also provide flat screen TV in each hostel and clean drinking water. All of our hostel now have AC. We began installing AC in 2017.


The Hostels have strict rules and we focus on their study hours giving them a separate study hall and ample time to study throughout their stay. We also provide qualified and caring wardens who help the students during their short time with us. We encourage our students to also grow in Christ and we have regular prayer and worship time everyday in the dorms. Our Pastor and youth director also visits each dorm on different days to join their prayer and worship time.


Our hostels and wardens are then further overseen by 2 superintendent who make sure that everything is run smoothly and according to time.



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